About the Center

Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch

We are happy that you want to know more about our center. Please know that we are sincerely dedicated to making our center a happy, positive experience for each child.

Kearsley Community Schools has established the Pumpkin Patch Child Care and Learning Center as a community service. The staff and programs exemplify the same dedication to fine quality as other Kearsley programs. Our objective is to provide a child-centered program to help fill the serious need for a warm, secure environment with love, good physical care and an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The following information, and information found elsewhere on this site, will help to explain the many facets of our center. If you have any questions, please call us at (810) 591-3504 or visit our center at 4235 Crosby Road, Flint.

Our Philosophy

The Pumpkin Patch Early Childhood Center provides a child-centered program in a secure, loving environment that is designed to support the development of young children to their fullest potential.

Each child is a special little human being with unique needs. Understanding and meeting those needs is of utmost importance to us. To accomplish this, it is imperative to work closely with parents in a complimentary manner.

We are dedicated to the goal of providing programs aimed at total child development. Research has firmly demonstrated the importance of establishing a solid emotional, social, intellectual and physical base during the child’s early years. Our curriculum is professionally designed to do this.

EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT is accomplished by nurturing children toward an inner sense of trust and autonomy. Our goal is the development of a positive self-image in order for the children to experience good feelings about themselves and their words.

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT is accomplished by helping children develop feelings of independence while being able to accept help and guidance from teachers and peers. Our goal is to guide children toward the development of self-control and the ability to participate with group members in a cooperative and satisfying manner. Emotional and social development are the foundation blocks that make it possiblefor children to utilize intellectual capacities.

INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT includes first-hand experiences in grasping appropriate concepts that enable children to think and reason as they face the challenges of each new task. Intelligence is measured by the number of ideas a child possesses.

PHYSICAL GROWTH is accomplished by the development of large and small muscles. An appropriately planned motor development program is provided.
Pumpkin Patch Child Care and Learning Center is dedicated to the concept of developing each child’s potential to the fullest.

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